Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE)

The Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE) , a unit of The Graduate School, strives to enrich the learning experience for undergraduate students at FSU by supporting the teaching efforts of graduate student teaching assistants through its various services. PIE offers professional development programs that create opportunities to foster a sense of collaboration and community among all graduate student teaching assistants at FSU.

Florida State’s Program for Instructional Excellence was established in 1989. PIE programs operate on a comprehensive TA training model facilitated by both department-based and university-based training. University-based training is meant to compliment rather than replace the excellent programs that exist in a number of departments. University-based training guarantees that all TAs have access to professional development services. Because TA training varies considerably among departments, campus-wide preparation ensures that a minimum level of training be established.

Graduate student teaching assistants (TAs) fill many academic positions when they leave FSU. Because the TA experience is often the only preparation available for those who wish to become professors the PIE program and Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) provides opportunities to develop a sense of the faculty role in teaching, conducting research and performing service. As a result of the PIE experience TA’s are better prepared for careers, have a deeper understanding of university culture and have learned how to affect change.

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Fall 2014 PIE Teaching Conference