PFP Fellows

PFP LogoPreparing Future Professionals (PFP) prepares graduate students for professions outside of academia. These Fellows are dedicated and have a commitment to professional development and service. By developing and participating in an individual departmental program and/or the Graduate School's academic Preparing Future Professionals Certificate Program, the following graduate students fulfilled the PFP requirements to be recognized as a PFP Fellow:

PFP Fellow Name


Almuhammadi, Anas Hamed Education (Foreign and Second Language Education)
Bae, Hackyoung Social Science and Public Policy (Political Science)
Baker, Lindsey Fine Arts (Interior Design)
Behl, Mona Arts and Sciences (Oceanography)
Cohn, Lindsay Social Sciences and Public Policy (Urban and Regional Planning)
Das, Tanmoy Engineering (Industrial and Manufacturing)
Dobersek, Urska Education (Sport Psychology)
Gaboardi, James Social Science and Public Policy (Geography)
Knight, Zouleika Human Sciences (Retail Merchandising and Product Development)
Nixon, Lisa Social Science and Public Policy (Applied American Politics)
Noack, Kevin Social Science and Public Policy (Applied Economics)
Pena-Talamantes, Abraham Social Science and Public Policy (Sociology)
Reid, Nicole Education (Instructional Systems)
Scheiner, Margaret Engineering (Industrial and Manufacturing)
Shaikh, Mariam Communication and Information (Mass Communication)
Thomas, Michael (Blair) Social Science and Public Policy (Public Administration)
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